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Finca Happy Fruit - Happy Trail



Discover the trail The Happy Trail, 1.5 km long, where you will discover our associative crops, the dry forest and the biodiversity of the Tumbes region in a natural paradise. Part of that biodiversity are our 120 species of birds, almost 120 types of food that we grow, ¨La Palma¨ estuary and our team that will always accompany you with a smile and a lot of love. Ideal for photography, research or a good adventure. Come and explore it!


In our farm we serve organic fresh fruits and special dishes inspired by the food of Ecuador and the world, adapted to local products, from the farm to the table, in a creative and delicious way. You will have the opportunity to taste your own vegetable meat accompanied with whole grain bread and hummus, as well as exotic dehydrated fruits, and get some energy with our fresh and naturally sweet juices, which provide moringa. Or simply have the incredible taste of a cocoa seed or a roasted cashew nut, or a natural spice of hot pepper. We serve PROLIFE meals that explore your senses!


Stay in our paradise! Either you pick our  montubio cabin or camping under a cacao tree! you will enjoy this fantastic stay: birds, sustainable infraestructure, a good bibliotec, organic fruits, a grill space and wifi. In addition, you can enjoy our rest areas with hammocks, a natural pool, ours gardens and get special discounts on our menus and organic products. You will have plenty space for you. And get ready to be awakened by wrens, pacific horners and guans… And enjoy our beautiful sunsets and a relaxed sunrise at our happy farm.




Our fruit is really delicious, sown, cultivated and harvested with joy. We work with crop associations and resting times to maintain the fertility of the land and creativity under an agroecological model that makes the difference in each of our crops. We have more than 100 species of food plants on 9 hectares of cultivated land.


At Happy Fruit we love research. One of the most interesting fields are our herbs. Almost 20 species of cultivated herbs, plus around 20 known medicinal plants of the dry forest are part of our laboratory and pharmacy. Visit us, we will love to tell you a little more about the benefits of these plants.



Moringa, el árbol de la vida es cultivado con amor en Happy Fruit. Nuestro proceso de cosecha, secado en sombra y procesamiento le dan una excelente calidad a nuestro polvo y té de moringa.


Nuestra carne vegetal equivale a una barra energética. Cada uno de sus ingredientes son muy nutritivos, cuidadosamente escogidos y elaborados. Cuidamos los pequeños detalles lo que le da un exquisito sabor y excelente textura.



Tenemos el privilegio de deshidratar frutas que cultivamos: en armonía, en cultivos mixtos y sin agro químicos. Son transformadas sin ningún tipo de conservante químico, pues nos encanta la forma natural de hacer las cosas.


Happy Fruit Farm

  • Vía entrada al Balneario Santa Marianita
  • Panamericana, Arenillas. Ecuador
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  • +593 (0) 96 959 6356
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